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Rehab Therapy

Promoting independence and participation to help you or your loved one recover after injury or illness.

Adoray’s Rehabilitation Therapy Services provide customized rehab programs designed with aggressive but achievable goals to get our patients back to living the life they love as soon as possible.

Therapy at Home

If you or your loved one is unable to leave home, Adoray’s rehab team brings client-centered therapy services to wherever they call home. Adoray meets clients wherever they are on the road to recovery.

Rehabilitation Care Plan

Adoray provides a team approach to rehab therapy care. Our expert and specially trained rehab therapists were carefully selected for their caring, compassionate, and respectful attitudes. Our rehab team members are encouraging and friendly professionals dedicated to our patients well-being. Your loved one’s Adoray therapy team works with his/her physician and hospital discharge planner to build a program designed especially to help your loved one achieve the highest possible level of independence and physical functioning.

Adoray’s expertly trained and compassionate rehab therapy staff can help your loved one rediscover independence. A client’s care plan may include:

  • Therapy services: physical, occupational and/or speech and language therapy
  • Medical director and skilled and professional nursing services
  • Comprehensive case management and social services
  • Registered dietitian and nutrition counseling

Rehab Therapies Offered

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy is the treatment of injuries and conditions to promote a return to function and independent living. Physical therapists are experts in how your body moves and functions focusing not only on treating injuries, but also on preventing them. Physical therapy includes the use of hands-on care and exercise for restoring motion and strength as well as training that allows a patient to return to daily activities.

Occupational Therapy is similar to physical therapy, but with a different emphasis. The majority of occupational therapists treat hand-and-upper-limb injuries, as well as injuries that affect movement and function. Stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis are some of the conditions that may benefit from this type of therapy. Occupational therapy focuses on critical activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, grooming, dressing, cooking, driving, cleaning, and getting into and out of bed.

Speech Therapy is the treatment of conditions resulting in difficulty with talking and/or swallowing. Common treatments may range from strengthening exercises, and instructive or repetitive practice, to the use of sound or visual aids and strategies that allow everyday communication to become easier. Speech therapy may also include sign language and the use of picture symbols.

Specialized Treatments Offered

  • Falls Risk Evaluation
  • Balance Evaluation and Treatment
  • Therapy following Orthopedic/Joint Surgery or Injury
  • Rehabilitation after Stroke or Other Brain Injury
  • Osteoporosis
  • Chronic neurological diseases-Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis – Osteo/Rheumatoid
  • Balance/Vestibular Specialty Care
  • Seating Evaluations and Wheelchair Assessments
  • Lymphedema Treatment


  • Requires the skills of a registered nurse or physical therapist;
  • Has MD ordered services;
  • Is “homebound”, only leaving home for medical appointments, church, and infrequent outings;
  • Resides in a private residence, assisted living, or group home

Payment for Services

Medicare, Medical Assistance and the VA who reimburse for visits at 100%
Other insurances whose terms vary depending on the individual plan Bills for these services are submitted to Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or private insurance directly by Adoray

Adoray will work with patients and families to help determine eligibility and to verify insurance coverage.

Service Area:

Providing services in St. Croix, Pierce, Polk, Burnett, and western Barron & Dunn Counties