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Raise The Roof Fundraiser


Raise the Roof Initiative Q & A

What is the Raise the Roof Initiative?

Adoray Home Health and Hospice and Adoray Treasures from the Heart is excited to announce a new fundraising campaign called the “Raise the Roof Initiative” to help fund a new roof and HVAC system at the Baldwin Treasures I store.

Your tax-deductible donation includes:

  • You get to be a part of helping Treasures Raise the roof.
  • An exclusive Raise the Roof T-shirt
  • Your name displayed in the store
  • Invitation to an exclusive Raise the Roof celebration when we reach our goal of $20,000

What repairs are needed at the stores?

This year both Treasures stores needed significant repairs to their building to ensure the stores were compliant with the City of Baldwin’s fire code. These repairs included installing new sheetrock, ceilings, and major electrical work. These repairs totaled approximately $35,000. Due to natural wear and tear to the buildings, Baldwin I now needs a new roof and HVAC system. These repairs will cost Adoray $20-$30,000 and fundraising is needed to make these repairs possible.

Are the repairs covered by insurance?

No, the repairs are not covered by insurance because it is related to natural wear and tear.

Have you selected a contractor?

No, we will not select a contractor until we have met our goal. We are currently accepting bids for the roof. The contractor that we select will need to have experience with the replacement of flat roofs.

How do the Treasures from the Heart stores support Adoray?

Adoray is a not- for profit organization that provides home health, palliative, and hospice services to western and northwestern Wisconsin. Adoray is reimbursed by insurance companies and private payers for our services and most of revenue goes into personnel and operating costs. Additionally, Adoray provides services to patients who do not have the ability. The Treasures from the Heart stores were developed 20 years ago to make up any funding difference needed to keep Adoray Home Health and Hospice running as a sustainable organization.

Why is Adoray the only hospice provider for pediatric patients?

Adoray is the only provider in the region that provides in-home pediatric hospice services. This is due to the high cost of care associated with this patient population and low insurance reimbursement that is needed to care for children. The Treasures stores provide Adoray the ability to offer this service to not only pediatric patients, but also allows us to assist patients of all ages that do not have insurance or for whatever reason may not be able to cover the cost of hospice care. The additional funding also enables Adoray to offer our clinicians and staff with competitive wages and insurance benefits.

Are you planning other fundraising initiatives?

Yes, another fundraising initiative that is being planned is a Pop-up Treasures store in Hudson on June 26-30, 2019. This unique sale is comparable to a “traveling Treasures Store” and will offer gently used clothing, furniture and household items that are normally offered at our treasures stores in Baldwin, River Falls, and Osceola. Donations will be accepted two weeks prior to the sale at the Hudson Golf Club. Please watch our website for donation dates and time. Adoray is also seeking volunteers to help at the sale.

Have staff donated to this cause?

Yes; since we announced the initiative in the beginning of April Adoray staff, Volunteers and Community members have donated over $4,500 towards the cause.

Who do I contact to donate?

If you are interested in making a tax-exempt donation visit any Treasures store, or contact Amber Bettinger, Director of Development & Marketing at 715.629.1922 or