New Year’s Resolutions When Grieving

Date: Dec, 21 2020

New Year’s Resolutions

• I will try not to imagine the future and take one day at a time.
• I will allow myself to cry, both alone and with loved ones.
• I will not shut out family and friends from my thoughts and feelings. We may become closer by sharing these difficult times.
• I will be realistic about expectations of myself, my spouse, other family member and friends.
• When a good day comes, I will relish it, not feel guilty and not be discouraged when it does not last.
• I will take care of my health. A sick body will only compound my troubles. I will drink a lot of water, take multi-vitamins, rest (even if I do not sleep) and exercise moderately. I will help my body as much as my mind.
• I will share my feelings with compassionate friends and let them share with me. I am coming out of my shell when I care about the pain of others.
• I will try not to expect so much understanding from those who have not walked the same path.
• I will be kind to myself, and appreciate my health, appearance, and time alone.
• I will remember I owe it to myself to enjoy life.
• I will try to be more considerate of my spouse, children, and parents. They, too, are coping and deserve my help.
• In memory of my loved one, I will do something to help someone else. This way, my loved one can live through me.
• I will keep a journal to see my progress through grief.

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