Date: Sep, 30 2020

Barb's Dream:
Barb had a dream to ride in her favorite car, a classic 50's Thunderbird. The Adoray's Dream Big Team wanted to help make it happen. Surrounded by family and friends on a beautiful summer evening, Barb's dream came true. 

Personal touches like this are why more families have turned to Adoray Hospice for 25 years. Our certified team goes above and beyond exceeding state and national benchmarks in quality hospice care – to create an experience that is uniquely personal to your loved one’s story.

Adoray's Dream Big Program:
We’re all dreamers. Yet, some of us don’t have the means or the time to make our dreams happen. That is why Adoray is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of our patients who are terminally ill or home bound.

Adoray’s New Dream Big program gives gifts of hope that inspire good memories and enhance the emotional, social and spiritual health of our patients and their loved ones. Committed to honoring our most cherished generation in their final days, we help make dreams come true through incredible experiences that our patients and their families will never forget.

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