Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2020

Date: Sep, 22 2020

September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month, and every year on the first day of Fall, we celebrate National Falls Prevention Awareness Day!
However the prevalence and high cost of falls in Wisconsin is a year-round problem. In fact, for adults age 65 and older, Wisconsin's death rate due to falls is the nation's highest. One in four people in this age group will have a fall each year making older adult falls a growing public health crisis as Baby Boomers enter the ranks of higher-risk age groups.

Please explore the wonderful content provided by the National Council on Aging regarding how to prevent falls. Be sure to check out their informative videos on Facebook and YouTube. In addition be sure to take the Falls Check Up Quiz (Linked Below). This a 12 question quiz that can assess your chances of falling.

Click Here for a Falls Check Up Quiz!

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