Celebrating Ruthie - 105 years of life!

Date: Jun, 11 2020

Ruthie, an Adoray hospice patient and resident of Our House Senior Living in New Richmond WI, turned 105 years old on May 28th. Ruthie’s and her Adoray care team have created special connections and love to share stories. On one visit Ruthie talked about her time as a young girl on her mother and father's farm. She talked about helping her father in the barn and trying to help her mother with household chores. She said making chocolate chip cookies was her only fun in the house! She said she never wanted to help her mother more than her father, but she whispered, "I really liked being in the barn more." However, she never wanted to let her mother know. Ruthie had two sisters that were a bit more timid than she was. She was the only one who was brave enough to drive the horses from the house to the barn and then drive the car back to the house. Ruthie said “my sisters were too scared to drive the car. No one taught me how to drive, I just did what I needed to do.” Although she wasn't a fan of house chores, she did talk about fond memories of picking strawberries with her mother out behind the house. Her favorite fruit was and still is strawberries in the summertime! They reminded her of her younger days. At Adoray, we wanted to help Ruthie reminisce about those younger days by bringing her some strawberries, a handmade quilt with strawberries fabric made by one of our amazing volunteers and a bouquet of flowers. But that was not all, our team also brought a shepherd dog as she loved dogs and always had one on the farm. Macy, a Australian Shepherd put a big smile on her face! Our house Senior Living did a wonderful parade to celebrate Ruthie and her milestone birthday. Happy birthday Ruthie from Adoray and a big thank you to Our House Senior Living for having this event and including us on her special day!

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