BYOB at Treasures River Falls

Date: Feb, 17 2020

This #PresidentsDay we are excited to officially announce with a bipartisan, unanimously vote... Adoray's Treasures from the Heart River Falls will NO LONGER be using PLASTIC BAGS!

Starting NOW, Adoray's Treasures from the Heart River Falls will no longer be using Plastic Bags!

MYTH: But isn't Treasures helping by recycling plastic bags?
FACT: Actually by using plastic bags we are only keeping the demand for them to be made because people rationalize they can recycle them.


*Plastic is made of petroleum, therefore very harmful to the environment. It takes HUNDREDS of years to completely break down in landfills.

*FACT Americans use, on average, anywhere from 300 to 700 plastic bags each year, per person. There is currently more than 7,250,000 tons of plastic polluting the world's oceans at this very moment. Eeeeek.

*More than 46,000 pieces of plastic contaminate each square mile of our oceans. Okay, now think about that and then all the cute things you love in the ocean. Dolphins, starfish, seahorses or if it helps the things you like to eat in the oceans as well!

So now that you have a few facts that make you cringe. You say, but how am I suppose to remember to always bring a bag with me? Well here are a few helping points:

*Buy a couple of different size packable bags that you can carry in your purse or pocket.

*Make a habit of keeping some in your car, next to the grocery & shopping lists, by the coat rack, or at work.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

It's a little different that adds up BIG!

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