Full Circle Aftercare 2023 Impact

Date: Jan, 22 2024

At Adoray, we know that experiencing the loss of a loved one is difficult. You may not know what your next steps should be, and that’s where we can help. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of grief and loss. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from funeral planning to estate settlement, so you can focus on healing.

Adoray’s Full Circle Aftercare handles the complexities of settling personal and estate matters for our hospice families after losing a loved one. Our Full Circle Aftercare offers a free consultation and a personalized plan for each Hospice family.

Comprehensive Services Available to help families with;

oSocial Security, Veterans Administration, OPM

oPension Plans, 401K/IRA, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts

oLife Insurance, Medical/Health, Car/Home, Changing Beneficiaries

oWills/Trusts/Probate, Real Estate Title, Vehicle Title

oCredit Bureau/Fraud Alert, Deceased Registry, Stop Junk Mail/Solicitor Phone Calls, Cancel Subscription/Memberships

In 2023, Adoray provided 165 of our Hospice families after the loss of their loved one with Full Circle Aftercare service. We helped find $17,500.00 of unclaimed property for your families.

We helped:
- 159 families with Social Security.
- 51 families with retirement benefits.
- 41 families take next steps with investment accounts.
- 91 families move towards claiming life insurance.
- 81 families protect themselves from fraud.
- 6 families claim VA benefits.

As a Not-for-Profit Home Health and Hospice agency, Adoray is committed to putting People over Profit. While also providing the highest level of personalized community-based in-home care. Part of that commitment is providing our Full Circle Aftercare service free of charge to our hospice families. Each year it costs Adoray over $25,000 in non-reimbursable to cover the cost of providing Aftercare services. We have seen the tremendous impact these services have made on families throughout Western Wisconsin. Families we have been able to serve express how much our Full-Circle Aftercare service has helped them. 

- “Everyone with Adoray Home Health & Hospice did a great job!. The entire family was very impressed with the work that they did for our loved one. Everyone with the hospice service down to the Aftercare Service with Michelle was fantastic! I recommend Adoray Home Health & Hospice 100%!"

- “Melinda and Ashley at Adoray Home and Health & hospice were very kind. Thank you for the Aftercare service Carla you have been a big help."

- “Adoray Home Health and Hospice is such an amazing company. I would choose them 100 times more than any other company. Mandy who helped assist with end of life process was very comforting. The Aftercare service is such a big help and a stress reliever. Thank you Carla for helping us make any notifications."

- “EVERYBODY at Adoray were pretty fantastic! Danni and Avery the RN's, Josiah, Chaplain and the volunteers were all just fabulous. Aftercare, this call was very helpful Sara. It definitely helped us to navigate where to go from here because we can't remember everything. Thank you so much."

If you are interested in learning more about how Adoray’s Full Circle Aftercare can help you or someone you know who is going through a hospice journey, please visit our website at www.adoray.org or call us at 715-629-1888. 

Help Adoray continue to provide Full Circle Aftercare to hundreds of families in Western Wisconsin, by making a tax-free donation at www.adoray.org/donate or mailing to Adoray Home Health & Hospice – 990 Main St. Suite 1, Baldwin, WI 54002. Thank you for helping care for our community as they navigate the journey of grief and loss.

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