Adoray's Dream Big

Date: Aug, 4 2023

Patients are the heart of Adoray
and our Dream Big is a special program for our patients with chronic or life-threatening illnesses that helps fulfill final Dreams to provide inspiration, comfort, and closure at the end of life.

Our care team works with the patient and Primary Caregiver(s) to uncover the little things that make a big difference. We want to help make your day special, and our entire team is dedicated to helping make your dream come true. Each dream is carefully looked at by the team and we will attempt to honor every dream, keeping in mind that these are “the little things” like helping celebrate a birthday or anniversary, a special meal, attending an event, a visit from a favorite animal or singer, etc.

Adoray’s Dream Big program gives gifts of hope that inspire good memories and enhance the emotional, social, and spiritual health of our patients and their loved ones. Committed to honoring our most cherished generation in their final days, we help make dreams come true through incredible experiences that our patients and their families will never forget.

Adoray’s Dream Big program is made possible thanks to the support of the Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Foundation, the Hands For Hospice Fund of the Community Foundation of Dunn County, and ongoing fundraising by Adoray.

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