Adoray Launches New Remote Patient Monitoring

Date: May, 12 2023

Adoray Home Health & Hospice is enhancing the quality and leading the transformation of Home Care in Western Wisconsin. Adoray's NEW Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a state-of-the-art technology that allows Adoray’s Home Health patients to monitor their vital signs and symptoms from the comfort of their own homes. RPM enhances the quality of care for home health patients, by providing real-time data, virtual visits, and personalized support. RPM can help these patients achieve better outcomes, reduce hospitalization, build healthy habits, and have higher satisfaction with their care.

The purchase of the new RPM equipment was made possible thanks to the support from our annual employee giving, volunteer and community donation, in addition to a grant from the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation. The raised funds were used to implement the remote patient monitoring system, allowing Adoray staff to better care for patients while improving patient outcomes. This technology will help empower Home Health patients to age-in-place and provide peace of mind to patients and caregivers.

The RPM system that Adoray selected was VitalTech’s VitalCare Remote Patient Monitoring. VitalCare for patients integrates real-time vital signs, medication compliance, activity, nutrition monitoring, and simple communication tools to interact with care teams remotely. Through connected care and increased engagement, patients stay focused on their care plans and achieve better health outcomes.

With its Integrated Vital Signs, Adoray patients can capture vital signs seamlessly from the comfort of their own homes. Real-time vitals are collected through integrated BLE and LTE medical devices. By creating daily and historical awareness of physiological data, patients better self-monitor and are able to take action quickly to promote self-care. The RPM uses artificial intelligence to recognize negative health patterns and send notifications and the ability to create custom alert thresholds. With VitalCare Adoray’s patients can measure Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Temperature, Weight, and SpO2. All while staying connected with their care team, their family members, and outside providers.

Adoray’s new RPM has already improved the outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction for several Home Health patients and their caregivers. “Allowing patients to receive care at home while being connected to their healthcare providers through RPM that measures vital signs, symptoms, and other health indicators is making a big difference” stated Christa Walz, MA PT, Adoray’s Senior Director of Home Health.

One of Adoray’s Home Health patients said, “The RPM program is good, it is helping me breathe better”. The patient’s daughter said, “This program has been great to keep us in the loop about her vitals. It really helps us stay compliant and stay in a routine. We would highly recommend!”.

Another one of Adoray’s Home Health patients Roy had their vitals logged every morning by 5 am and expressed how his “Experience was good, no problems” with using new RPM equipment.

RPM is a promising solution for home health patients who want to stay independent and healthy at home while receiving high-quality care from their providers. Adoray is excited to continue improving the access, quality, and delivery of in-home care throughout Western Wisconsin.

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