Back to One Place for Adoray’s Treasures from the Heart Baldwin

Date: Sep, 22 2022

It all started in Baldwin under one roof 24 years ago. Since then, the beloved hometown thrift shop Adoray’s Treasures from the Heart has become a staple in our community from hunting for antiques to last-minute clothing items. Treasures in Baldwin has provided our community and visitors with a unique shopping and donating experience, all while giving back to a local not-for-profit to help care for Home Health & Hospice patients.

The Treasures Stores got their start after the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 was signed into law which significantly decreased reimbursement for home health services. While this act was reversed over time, home health reimbursement from CMS and other commercial payors remains challenging. However, the Adoray Leadership and Board of Directors at the time were very determined to continue to offer home health services in our communities and produced the innovative idea of the Treasures from the Heart fundraising stores. The first store opened in Baldwin in 1998. Years later, Adoray opened the River Falls store, then Baldwin 2, and the most recently the Osceola store in 2016.

“The stores have been an asset in our communities, provided jobs and volunteer opportunities, and have been an excellent revenue source for this organization over the years,” said Adoray’s CEO Amanda Gustafson. “The stores are vital to the success of our organization as they do truly allow us to continue to provide home health services even to this day as reimbursement from payors continues to be a challenge.”

Currently, the Baldwin Treasures stores are in two physical locations across from one another on Main Street. With these two locations, there are also two sets of expenses for all the general operations of the buildings including insurance, utilities, garbage, and maintenance. After researching and analyzing options, it was determined that the best scenario was going back to the beginning and combining the two stores back into one. Doing so will allow Adoray to put half of these costs back into our mission and provide more patient care in our communities.

The current structure of two physical locations has also created consumer confusion about where to donate, which store has what items, and specific sales promotions. Combining the two stores to create one place for all Baldwin’s Treasures will mean one stop to donate, shop and support the Adoray Mission. “How exciting to build on that legacy and reimagine our stores together as one once again. The opportunities are endless. I cannot wait to see what the team comes up with. It's going to be amazing!” stated Joleen Larson, General Manager of Adoray’s Treasures from the Heart stores.
The plan is to sell the Treasures 1 (868 Main) location and have one store with all Home Goods and Clothing at the Treasures 2 (815 Main) location. Adoray would sell the Treasures 1 building, allowing for a new business to come into the Main Street area and bring even more services to our great community. It will also provide Adoray with the funds needed to reinvest in the Treasure 2 location which will create a modern and safer environment for our staff, volunteers, and the community. The remodel of the Treasures 2 location will address the issues our donors experience when dropping off their donations. It will streamline the process of how donation items are currently accepted and processed to create a more efficient flow for the staff, as well as the donors and shoppers.

Adoray is committed to keeping the current staff and volunteers in their current roles and bringing our two talented teams together back in one place. This will allow for greater collaboration and creativity and enhance the experience our shoppers have grown to love about Treasures. “I am so impressed by the work the employees and volunteers do at our Treasures from the Heart stores. They work so hard to ensure we provide an amazing service to our home health and hospice programs and to fulfill our mission each day,” said Gustafson. That is why we are so excited about this next milestone in the long history of Baldwin Treasures. “Twenty-four years as a thrift store is incredible and we know this will ensure Baldwin Treasures is a staple in our community for the next 24 years and beyond. We originally started this way and are excited to come back to one place,” stated Mary Holle, Treasures 1 Store Manager. Combining the two stores into one will create a better experience for our staff, volunteers, and our community to work, shop, and donate. Stay up to date on all the excitement and details by following our Facebook pages and visiting our website at

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