Introducing Adoray’s NEW! Full-Circle Aftercare Service

Date: Jan, 28 2022

Introducing Adoray’s NEW! Full-Circle Aftercare service. Adoray is now offering this service at no cost to all loved ones of hospice patients Adoray has served. At Adoray, we recognize that when you are grieving the loss of a loved one, wrapping up final personal affairs for your loved one can be extremely mentally exhausted and taxing. Full-Circle Aftercare provides a concierge service for families that helps them wrap up all the personal affairs and estate issues after the loss of a loved one. Full-Circle Aftercare will personally walk the family through each step, make all notifications for them and assist in wrapping up the non-legal estate issues completely and correctly. Some of the areas they cover are government benefits, finances, insurance, estate issues and protection services.

The Full-Circle Aftercare Team can offer you valuable information and help you understand this process. They will create a personalized plan for you, and they will address what needs to be done, who needs to be contacted, how will your benefits be affected, and do you need an attorney or tax advisor? These are things that a loved one could overlook in the process of attempting to wrap the final personal affairs for their loved one. Full-Circle Aftercare experts will do the talking for you. You do not need to who to call or what information you need to say or share. As the person grieving, you can focus on just that – grieving. The Full-Circle Aftercare team will assist you and guide you through this process as they are informed and knowledgeable experts in this area. They will also ensure you do not miss out on any of your benefits. They will also stop junk mail, block solicitors, update the deceased registry, cancel memberships/subscriptions, and set up fraud protection for one year.

At Adoray, we are here honored to offer this service to our patient’s loved ones to give the bereaved we service peace of mind knowing nothing has fallen through the cracks.

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