Date: Apr, 27 2021

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Dear Friends of Adoray:

Touch is a basic human need.  Touch is a human experience. We snuggle and touch babies and children. We spend time holding hands and being close with our partners. Yet, as we get older and lose our partners or friends, we stop connecting this way. Touch is so important in our lives. Without touch we disconnect. If this past year has shown us anything, it is the power of Touch and how much not being able to touch our loved ones and friends impacts us.

That is why Adoray Home Health & Hospice is on a mission to provide an even higher level of person-centered compassionate care to our patients and their families. Touch is just as important in older age as it is in youth. So why do we stop touching? Holding hands? Giving hugs? Why does it become so procedural with our elders? With your support on this year’s GiveBIGSCV, Adoray will be able to implement a NEW person-centered care programs that gives the power of touch to those who need it most and now more than ever, our elders and people with dementia.

Compassionate Touch is an evidence-informed approach combining skilled touch with compassionate presence to enhance quality of life for hospice and palliative care patients and prevent behavioral expression in people with dementia. It is a way of relating that helps bring true change to our elders' lives through the power of human touch. Compassionate Touch combines focused touch, compassionate presence and sensitive massage and specialized communication skills. The gentle techniques used in Compassionate Touch include hand massage, slow-stroke back massage, and foot massage. Bringing together the world of medical technology with the human side of care—transforming relationships and care.

Through Compassionate Touch training the Adoray care team will be able to achieve goals related to person-centered care and reduction of unnecessary use of antipsychotic medication. Including learning special tactile needs of dying persons and to present skills, techniques and personal practices for adapting touch and massage into a dying person’s care. Compassionate Touch will help to provide more comfort at the bedside and clarify feelings concerning death and dying for the patient, and providing a calm and compassionate treatment that reduces the need for medication, eases anxiety and adds to patient comfort.

Your donations to Adoray Home Health & Hospice for GiveBIGSCV on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 will provide Compassionate Touch to everyone in the communities we serve, and your contributions is fully tax-deductible. Help spread the word about this great day of giving and donate today to help bring the power of touch to our community members when we need community and touch now more than ever.

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